Staff Directory

The Executive Management Team

The Executive Management Team members are responsible to supervise different areas of Operation. Their specialties allow them to focus on implementing the best practices in offender supervision.

  • Warden Patti Wachtendorf Ext. 23205
  • Deputy Warden Chris Tripp Ext. 41846
  • Associate Warden of Security John Fedler Ext. 41849
  • Associate Warden of Treatment Mike Schierbrock Ext. 41848
  • Associate Warden of Administration Teri Hamm Ext. 41816
  • Associate Warden of Industries Becky Bessine Ext. 41607
  • Human Resources Director Phyllis Porter Ext. 41823
  • Executive Officer Rebecca Bowker Ext. 41815

Unit Managers and Counselors

The Unit Managers & Counselors work very closely with the offenders each day to ensure their case management and treatment needs are met.

  • Housing Unit One (1) Manager Michelle Waddle Ext. 41106
    • Counselor Angela Roller Ext. 41111
    • Counselor Anne Gehle Ext. 41112
    • Counselor Jon Wells Ext. 41124
  • Housing Unit Two (2) Manager Brad Hoenig Ext. 41206
    • Counselor Janie Mendez Ext. 41211
    • Counselor Shane Milligan Ext41212
  • Housing Unit Three (3) Manager Todd Ensminger Ext.41306
    • Counselor Dave Foehring Ext. 41311
    • Counselor Lynn Hartsock Ext. 41312
  • Housing Unit Four (4) Berl Wilcox Ext. 41406
    • Counselor Lars Rude Ext 41911
    • Counselor Anne Gehle Ext 41416
    You can contact any of the above staff or others by calling (319) 372-5432 and listening to the prompts provided.